Sunday, 2 August 2009

Holy shit. Literally.

Today I will be mostly ranting about:

The news is that two parents have been convicted of reckless homicide after praying for God to heal their daughter instead of taking her to a doctor.

This story is so sick, and SO wrong, that it needs to be looked at slowly. However I keep running out of time, so let's get some quick anger here.

  • 11 year old daughter falls very ill.
  • Parents don't know why.
  • They pray to a deity to fix her instead of going to someone who might know.
  • "He also said he thought his daughter had had flu or a fever, and that he had not realised how ill she was. "
  • "They said the girl should have been taken to hospital because she was unable to walk, talk, eat or drink. "

So your daughter, who is a child and completely under your care, cannot walk, talk, eat or drink, and you are TALKING TO YOUR IMAGINARY FRIEND.

This is such an appalling level of ignorance that I'm just astounded. I believe this qualifies for a Darwin award in the saddest way possible - not that these parents took themselves out of the gene pool, but demonstrated such parental incompetence that they killed their own offspring.

She was suffering from undiagnosed diabetes.

This is so sad, and I'm very much out of time so that's all I can say about it for now.